At Bio-Labs, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a lot more than just a buzzword. We take the uplift of our communities very seriously and believe in giving back to them at every opportunity. In particular, the less fortunate ones deserve our helping hand and doing so is like a sacred responsibility for us. The Bio-Labs CSR model focuses on initiating/supporting different projects aimed at uplifting underprivileged segments of society. Furthermore, we are motivated by the desire to conduct business in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner, while fully safeguarding the interests and meeting the expectations of all stakeholders. Following are the main objectives of our CSR policy.

  • Environmental sustainability and preservation of our fragile ecosystem.
  • Education for every child.
  • Quality healthcare for all.
The above-mentioned causes are very close to our hearts and we take great pride in being able to make a difference in people’s lives.

Gulistan-e-Fatima Park

CSR Project

“Bio-Labs has adapted one of the oldest public park and fountain in the heart of Islamabad located in the E-7 Sector/Margalla Road vicinity namely, Gulistan-e- Fatima Park, established in the early years of the city. The CSR project entails renovation, landscaping and beautification of over 80,000 square feet of park and fountain area for the city residents. It involves plantation of 100,000 + trees and flowers along with facilities such as jogging tracks, kids play area and dedicated recreation spaces. The architectural redesigning of the park & fountain has been undertaken by a leading architect of Islamabad ensuring the optimal quality design and layout of the park. The fountain in the park is being redesigned along modern architectural lines with an enchanting mix of water and lights. Plantation drives are conducted on regular basis to promote environmental consciousness in children, our next generation. This CSR project is under the umbrella of Metropolitan Corporations Islamabad (MCI) and an initiative of the Islamabad Mayor’s office. Bio-Labs aims to give back to the community through the uplift and renovation of this historic park for the city residents to promote healthy activities and contribute to the environment through the clean & green initiative.”